The Westport Murders part 2
Crime Time IncJune 02, 2024x
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The Westport Murders part 2

In this gripping episode of Crime Time Inc., hosts Tom Wood and Simon dive deep into the haunting tale of Burke and Hare, the infamous 19th-century body-snatchers of Edinburgh. The conversation begins with some light-hearted banter before transitioning into the chilling details of Burke and Hare's gruesome activities, providing listeners with a vivid picture of Edinburgh's socio-economic backdrop during that era.

Tom sheds light on the savage deeds of Burke and Hare, explaining how the desperate poverty and stark societal divide created an environment ripe for their vile trade. The duo's method of luring vulnerable individuals and selling their bodies for anatomical study to the revered Dr. Robert Knox is meticulously discussed, underscoring the grim reality of unregulated medical practices of the time.

As the story unfolds, Tom narrates the meticulous investigative work of Sergeant Major Fisher, whose prompt actions led to the apprehension of the notorious criminals. Simon and Tom explore the legal intricacies surrounding the case, including the controversial decision to grant immunity to William Hare in exchange for his testimony against Burke.

The episode also delves into the aftermath of the trial, detailing the public's violent reaction and the eventual legislative changes that followed, such as the Anatomy Act of 1840

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