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This is a real True Crime Podcast, You will hear the stories from the law enforcement officers who were investigating or were in charge of the criminal investigation.

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Real highlight of the week to hear Tom and Simon talk us through lessons and insights from many decades on the force.


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CSI Strathclyde
June 09, 2024x
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CSI Strathclyde

In this episode of Crime Time Inc., the hosts, Simon and Tom, welcome a special guest, Martin Lupton, a seasoned crime scene investigator. Martin shares his journey from his initial aspirations in aviation to his career switch to the police force, detailing his 31-year tenure starting in 1982. The d...

The Westport Murders part 2
June 02, 2024x
45:5786.42 MB

The Westport Murders part 2

In this gripping episode of Crime Time Inc., hosts Tom Wood and Simon dive deep into the haunting tale of Burke and Hare, the infamous 19th-century body-snatchers of Edinburgh. The conversation begins with some light-hearted banter before transitioning into the chilling details of Burke and Hare's ...

The Westport Murders part 1
May 26, 2024x
53:36100.95 MB

The Westport Murders part 1

This episode takes a deep dive into one of Scotland's most notorious cases - the story of Burke and Hare, infamously known for their grisly serial murders in 1828 Edinburgh. Our hosts, Tom and Simon, explore the background of these crimes, beginning with the initial interactions between Burke and H...

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These 2 retired Scottish detectives are natural storytellers and they have the stories to tell. One of the best podcasts out there. Also, their voices are wonderful. I could listen to them just read Mrs. Beeton's cookbook but fotunately they have better things to share.

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Murder of Yvonne Fletcher

I have just listened to these 2 fascinating episodes regarding the above. I was unaware of the fine details that John Murray & Matt Johnson were able to impart. I was a young teenager when this incident occurred but I do remember watching the footage on TV & being appalled that a police officer had been gunned down. ...

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A must-listen

Crime Time Inc is a must-listen for anyone in Scottish policing, but anyone interested in policing - or just life - will find their time rewarded. The hosts, Simon and Tom, have a wealth of experience in Scottish policing and this comes through. The banter is classic polis, and anyone from the legacy force era will re...

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