CSI Strathclyde
Crime Time IncJune 09, 2024x
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CSI Strathclyde

In this episode of Crime Time Inc., the hosts, Simon and Tom, welcome a special guest, Martin Lupton, a seasoned crime scene investigator. Martin shares his journey from his initial aspirations in aviation to his career switch to the police force, detailing his 31-year tenure starting in 1982. The discussion delves into significant cases he worked on, including the chilling murder of Amanda Duffy in 1992 and the harrowing case of young Mark Cummings in 2004. Martin recounts his meticulous work in forensic photography and scene examination, highlighting the critical role of initial photographs and detailed scene analysis in solving crimes. The episode provides a detailed look at the complexities and emotional challenges faced by forensic officers, underscoring the importance of thorough and methodical police work in bringing justice to victims.

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