The Making of a Crime Reporter: Jane Hamilton
Crime Time IncMay 19, 2024x
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The Making of a Crime Reporter: Jane Hamilton

In this compelling episode of Crime Time Inc., we welcome Jane Hamilton, an esteemed crime reporter with over 25 years of experience in the field, delving into the depths of crime journalism and exploring the intricacies of unsolved cases. Jane shares her journey from aspiring to join the police force to becoming a leading investigative journalist in Scotland, shedding light on her accidental debut into fiction writing and her profound commitment to bringing justice through her work.

Throughout the episode, Jane discusses the transformative moment that reshaped her approach to crime reporting, emphasising the paramount importance of empathy and victim advocacy. Highlighting her book, 'Justice for Mary,' Jane unfolds the gripping tale of Mary McLachlan's murder and the relentless pursuit of truth by Mary's daughter, Gina, leading to the groundbreaking conviction of the culprit decades later. The conversation also touches on the evolving landscape of journalism, the critical role of social media, and the challenges faced by female journalists in a predominantly male-dominated field.

Join us as Jane and our hosts delve into the symbiotic relationship between the press and the police, exploring how this dynamic has shifted over the years and the impact on investigative reporting. As we navigate through Jane's storied career and her insights into the true cost of crime reporting, this episode promises to leave listeners pondering the balance between pursuing justice and the human stories behind each case. Don't miss this introspective journey into the heart of crime journalism with Jane Hamilton on Crime Time Inc.

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